Vehicle Tracking

Car Steering Wheel with Keys in IgnitionComtel offers a range of fleet tracking and Workforce Management solutions to cover any need your company may have, IAP (Intelligent Access Program), Job dispatch, Simple vehicle tracking, dispatch and proof of delivery systems! Using the tools provided by our solutions you will be able to increase visibility across your fleet and workforce better enabling you to provide your customers with the level of service you desire all the while cutting costs and improving efficiency. These are systems designed to MAKE you money not just save it.

Our GPS Management Systems offer many advantages over traditional vehicle tracking procedures:

  • No more disputes over customer invoicing. Track each job as it happens.
  • Instantly accurate timesheet processing. No paperwork, no fuss.
  • Manage vehicle maintenance schedules easily and efficiently. Reduce down-time.
  • Obtain signature on glass for Proof of Delivery. Get paid for every job.
  • Report and charge for demurrage and waiting times. Capture lost revenue.
  • Know immediately where your staff are. Improve flexibility and response times to get every last paying job out of a day.

Talk to our sales team for more information on how vehicle tracking equipment can help modernise your fleet.