Large Business

White and Red HouseCommunications are no longer a utility, they’re an enterprise enabler

The challenges that face large corporate enterprises are many and varied. Fundamental change, it seems, is the only constant in today’s world. Globalization is advancing relentlessly. So too is ever-faster technological progress, which in turn drives innovative ways of working. For large global players, the resultant complexities can easily spiral out of control. Comtel recommends Unify for your large enterprise.

Unify stands by you in the fight to keep it simple. It helps you rise to all these challenges with a coherent, integrated communications and IT strategy that not only transforms the way you do business, but also leverages the power of change to drive profitability

Large enterprises everywhere are discovering how team-based environments can promote innovation, revolutionize business practices and sharpen their competitive edge. Yet successful transformation hinges on the ability to deliver the effective collaboration that is to critical to business innovation. To perform this feat, enterprises have no choice but to integrate their business and communications technology. The barriers between colleagues, workgroups, offices and different locations scattered around the world must be torn down. And the only way to do that is to embed Open Communications in the heart of every business process.

Unify steps into the fray with a suite of award-winning solutions, all of which can be integrated deeply and seamlessly in standard or custom-tailored applications alike. Better still, this can be done without the need for wholesale infrastructural changes, thereby protecting your existing investments. Once implemented, Open Communications improves collaboration across your whole organization, accelerates processes and optimizes workflows. When that happens, exchanging ideas and information between countries and continents is as easy as sitting around table together.

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