OpenScape Enterprise Express

OpenScape Enterprise Express

OpenScape VoiceOpenScape Enterprise Express is our solution for mid-size companies (200~1,000 users) looking for answers to the question of reducing operational expenses and increasing team productivity. Many CIOs today are looking to build solutions by putting together applications and systems that will address these two goals – but in reality, the cost of integrating many different applications and systems is an unknown! Such a large unknown can bring great risk and financial instability to a company that desires to compete more effectively.

That’s why OpenScape Enterprise Express offers the best answer to the unknown costs of integrating multiple applications across different platforms. OpenScape Enterprise Express comes with the most valuable OpenScape business applications already pre-installed, and pre-configured on a single server!  This is achieved with our use of virtualization technology. These applications are designed to boost operational efficiency, increase individual and team performance.

Key facts

OpenScape Enterprise Express brings together these OpenScape applications into one simple, easy to install, easy to understand solution:

  • OpenScape Voice
  • OpenScape Contact Center
  • OpenScape Xpressions (Unified Messaging)
  • OpenScape UC Application
  • OpenScape Common Management Platform
  • OpenScape Deployment Service
  • OpenScape User Management
OpenScape Enterprise Express Datasheet