Data Networks

Data networks

With Voice & Video leading as Comtel’s application solution to the market, we need the very best in data network solutions. Because voice is the most sensitive of data in terms of time sensitivity & routing, Comtel has been maintaining data networks for over twenty years because IT departments don’t understand it. If the voice works fine, then chances are the data will too.

Comtel’s data network solutions cater for a wide variety of applications, including VoIP, Unified Communications, Video, WiFi configuration, Wide Area Networks (WAN), Local Area Networks (LAN), router setup & configuration and network cabling.

We have expertise in creating large data networks spanning multiple sites, with low-latency wireless data links, long-range repeater systems and fixed cabling where available. Just speak to one of our professionals about how Comtel can provide your business with a fast, efficient and durable data network.

For small businesses we provide reliable wireless links, to distribute your network effectively to employees and clients. Our quality switches and routers, combined with professional cabling, help to maximise your business potential by reducing downtime and maintenance.

Comtel partner with the following companies to provide quality data network solutions:

Juniper: Small and Medium Enterprise and Remote Site Routing
Juniper Product Information

Ruckus: Wireless LAN and thin Access Point solutions for Building, Campus and  Distributed Sites
Ruckus Product Information

Ubiquiti: Wireless LAN and Bridging solutions

Krone: Structured Copper & Fibre Cabling