GARDA – Wild Dog Grid Protection Unit

Comtel’s GARDA is the only purpose built wild dog grid protector on the market today!

The ultrasonic sound generator produces a warbling noise which is annoying to dogs but above human hearing except for a ‘clicking’ sound.  Unfortunately, like us, old dogs lose their hearing too, however the GARDA also uses a piezo alert to fill the lower frequencies.  Strobing spotlights disorientate the dog’s night vision, but daylight and headlight controls mean that the unit is safe to use near traffic spots and will save battery power by being turned off during the day.

Comtel has had prototypes in the field for over 2 years with great success.

Constructed from a super strong, bullet proof US Army ammo case.


  • Sun protection for delicate sensors
  •  Lockable case
  •  Security mountable
  •  Adjustable sensors

How It Works

Uses 3 different elements to keep dogs at bay…

  • Powerful Ultrasonic generator with 4 speakers
  • Annoying piezo alert unit
  • Strobing Spotlights with daylight and headlight control


  • 10 watt solar panel
  • 14Ah of battery supply
  • Battery bank protection

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