engin VoIP & SIP Trunks

What is VoIP?

Some people call it VoIP, Voice Over Internet Protocol or a broadband phone service. They’re all different ways of describing the latest technology that allows you to save on your phone bill. You make and receive phone calls just like you did before, using a regular phone but instead your calls will be delivered over a regular phone line they travel over your high speed internet connection.

COMTEL is the accredited partner of engin, Australia’s largest provider, now delivering more than 70,000 services to Australians and as the word spreads on how much you can save, that number is growing all the time.

VoIP Lines

Do you use more than one phone line? Have staff at another location? Want to have a local number in other states? Then a business pack plan is for you! Starting from just 1 line on the engin Business Starter Pack, to as many lines or locations as your business requires on the engin Business Pack Platinum. As an added bonus with our Business Packs, you’ll also get discounts on your already cheap calls.

Please contact COMTEL to order Business Packs according to your company needs.

SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking is a cost effective Business grade VoIP service, which is an alternate solution to traditional ISDN with an Onramp service. It can provide your business with a low cost phone service allowing for every staff member in your office to have a direct in dial (DID) and no expensive line rental costs.

Maximise the value in your Phone system (IP-PBX) with engin SIP Trunking. Utilise the world leading VoIP network to slash your line rentals and call costs, whilst enhancing the features your business enjoys.

SIP Trunking Benefits

  • A direct phone number for every staff member without the need to pay a line rental on every phone.
  • Extension dialling to quickly communicate with each other.
  • Spread lines across sites
  • All Local, National, Mobile and 13/1300 calls included with 8 international destinations
  • Free calls between all engin numbers
  • Transfer your existing phone number(s) to engin SIP Trunking services.

SIP Trunking Plans

PlanMonthly Service
10 In-DialsLocal &
Calls (untimed)
Calls to
(per min)
(per min)
SIP Trunk Standard

* Billed for first minute, then per second thereafter.
IP-PBX Dependent Service / ISDN Replacement with In-Dialmapping.
Your IP-PBX needs to have the ability to read the ‘to’ field in the SIP header.
SIP Trunk Corporate – Min Spend $1k at engin rates.

SIP Trunk Premium rates

PlanSIP Trunk Premium pricing
Includes2 lines and 10 numbers
Additional lines
Additional 10 numbers
Local and national CallsIncluded
Mobile CallsIncluded
Calls to 13/1300 numbersIncluded
Calls to 8 International destinations#Included
Calls to rest of the world*
engin to engin calls^FREE
Connection fee
Monthly fee

* Billed per second after the first minute. See engin website for specific countries

^ Does not apply to engin mobile calls.

# Calls to international landlines only to the following countries USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Spain (excluding Canary Islands) Netherlands & Ireland. Please contact COMTEL or refer to www.engin.com.au for full terms and conditions.

How to get started…
All you need is an Internet connection with minimum speed ADSL2+ or higher, as well as VoIP enabled equipment. We can have your engin SIP Trunking service active within 24-48 hours once your order is processed.



engin NBN Fibre Broadband Service

Save on your business phone bills with engin, through COMTEL

The NBN is currently being rolled out across Australia and engin is excited to offer access to this revolutionary new technology.

Super fast Fibre Optic Broadband is now available to businesses in some areas. It offers super fast download and upload speeds of up to 100Mbps by 40Mbps. Making it ideal for Voice and Data solutions.

No longer does your business need to rely on old outdated copper infrastructure. Thanks to the NBN and engin, super fast Fibre Optic Broadband is now available to you at great price

NBN Broadband Pricing – Inc GST

PlanSpeedQuotaPrice (inc GST)
NBN LiteUpto 12/20 Mbps

NBN StandardUpto 50/1 Mbps


NBN UltraUpto 100/40 Mbps


NBN Service Details

  • Only your downloads are counted towards your data quota
  • No excess download charges
  • You can upgrade your plan at anytime during the month
  • 24 month term on all plans


Service details and charges:

  • Only your downloads are counted towards your data quota.
  • No excess download charges. NBN Lite and Standard are shaped at 64kbps. NBN Ultra is shaped at 125kbps.
  • You may upgrade your plan at anytime during the month. Downgrades may incur a penalty.
  • Minimum spend per plan on a 24 month contract is:

NBN lite 

NBN Standard 

NBN Ultra

  • If you disconnect prior to the end of your 24 month contract, you will need to pay out your contract (number of months remaining on your contract x monthly price of plan)